Friday, August 6, 2010

Installing RescueTIme on Ubuntu 10.04

RescueTime is a great time tracking program that beats pretty much any other free programs out there hands down. I use it on my Windows 7 OS, but using it on Ubuntu took me some toll.

WARNING: I don't know how to uninstall RescueTime.

0. Sign up RescueTime account if you have not done so.
You can sign up with your google account.
1. Have firefox and RescueTime add-on installed. You can erase these two after you are done installing.
2. Download RescueTIme Linux Uploader (I am using v.99)
3. Unzip the file and open the terminal to that folder.
i.e. cd ~/Downloads/rescuetime-linux-uploader-99/
4. Run these commands on terminal one at a time
python build
sudo python install
5. Now the problem that occurs in Ubuntu 10.04 as oppose to Ubuntu 8.04 is that the files get installed on /usr/local/bin as oppose to /usr/bin. And we will fix that problem by making hard links.
sudo ln /usr/local/bin/rescue* /usr/bin/
6. Run the following command and type your username and password. (From step 0)
7. Now we will make it run automatically when the computer boots up
On terminal, type: gnome-session-properties
or Go to the menu System >> Preference >> Startup Applications
Click "Add"
Name: RescueTIme
Command: /usr/bin/rescuetime_linux_uploader
Comment: type whatever you like
Click "Save"
8. Add applet on the gnome panel by right clicking and click, "Add to panel"
Type "rescue" on the search bar on top and you should see:
RescueTime Controller Applet
RescueTIme Information Applet
The first one just puts the icon which gives you options when you right click it.
The second adds the functionality of displaying what RescueTime is recording. If the recording just shows "Idle", then restart your computer and things should work alright.